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I have just returned home and I have received your CD.
All the pictures are lovely. I’m really happy with them.
I really like how some are a ‘backstage’ shot where I’m not posing and you’ve caught me relaxing, especially the one where I am yawning is funny.

Thank you again for sending the CD. These are brilliant. You’ve done a fantastic job.
Oh and I thought the ‘beauty and the beast’ picture is really funny. Well done I can’t wait to show these pictures off.
I hope your well.

In Leeds for a shoot. Had a great day, got some great images. I had a lot of fun and felt relaxed and comfortable. Cd was posted out to me very quickly! Really would recommend!!
Thanks x

Alan your photographs are beautiful, I have a passion for photography too Even if my main activity is screenwriting, I would love to become a movie still photographer on some movie sets too.

With Alan on a recent shoot. He’s a great photographer. Would recommend him :)

I recently worked with Alan at a shoot. He was a lovely photographer to work with and i would recommend him. Thank you Alan

Alan’s a great photographer and very experienced would recommend xxx

I am happy for anyone to get in touch with me for a reference for Alan. He is a genuinely nice man and a pleasure to work with. Get in touch for a full reference.

At Roundhay Park with Alan on a shoot.. He’s a great photographer... Would recommend him.

I love the Photo's!!

Had a great Photoshoot with Alan, got some great images. He knows how to make you have fun and made me feel relaxed and comfortable . I'd recommend him to anyone!!
Contact me at lizheart80@gmail.com for a reference.

All images © Alan Hood Photography