email for hourly rate / price list.    

Portraits in your own home: Or at a place you choose? 

Be relaxed in your own familiar surroundings. A  deposit will be charged to save your appointment in the diary, as the time you want may not be available next time you contact us.  I would be pleased to photograph your event. Since I had more bookings for location photoshoots, there was no need to keep the studio, so now I have a mobile studio. I can come to your home or office, or whatever you choose. I would be pleased to photograph your Family/Portrait event. I always respect the wishes of my customers.

 You will find that portrait and product fees can vary hugely from photographer to photographer and I understand that can be confusing for clients.  The session fee is not just payment for the actual time booked in the diary, it includes use of all of my equipment and props, the time spent planning your session with you to make it completely bespoke to you and your family, and of course it includes my skill and expertise which you can’t find anywhere else. I am careful to source products from high-quality suppliers who only deal with professional photographers.  This means you get the highest quality of the product which will stand the test of time. It’s pointless paying for a professional photographer to create beautiful images for you and then having them printed or displayed in less than perfect colour and quality.

I don’t discount because I already offer you the best price I can for the quality I provide.  You wouldn’t think very much of me if I started off at an inflated price which I then discounted for you. I want my clients to know that no one else gets a ‘better price’ than they do, everybody is treated equally and fairly.

I have been asked why should I use a photographer when I can use a mobile phone?  Digital image quality is measured in  pixels. Mobile phone images measure 720 x 1280 pixels, a 6”x4” size print can be made, whereas a professional camera will have 5616 x 3744 pixels, and can produce a print the size of a poster, or larger, maybe the sizes of a wall? The more pixels the better the quality, clearly a better quality. The camera in a mobile phone is measured in in megapixels. My phone has 13 mp (megapixels,) an iPhone has 12mp (mobile phones will vary.)  A professional camera will have from 21mp upwards.    

Your images will be uploaded to our website. You will be given a password for your private viewing, or you can give the password to friends to view and/or buy. 

Canvas mounted and a variety of other photoproducts are available. 

Bump 2 Baby.

I have photographed many newborns. Then I was asked to photograph a pregnant bump as she was so proud of her bump and wanted to look back at one of the most special things you will ever experience As your bump grows, your body goes through some amazing changes. These are moments that you will always want to remember. We can work together to decide what sort of photographs you would like of your baby bump Making you feel as relaxed as possible.

 Following the arrival of your precious new bundle there will be so many changes in smiles and expressions.

 It can seem like only yesterday that your children said their first word, grazed their first knee or started school.  Before you know it they are all grown up and don’t seem to have much time for their ‘parents’ anymore.  Much of their childhood becomes a blur after a while – which is a real shame, but alas, is inevitable.

Let us capture some of those special moments for you. We can photograph your child every month, or two months as you choose when. This can be done for a special price as a sequence, instead of paying for each session separate. 

A Bump, Baby & Toddler Photoshoot: Click here for examples!

Boudoir Photography:

My first Boudoir photography was when a friend wanted to send some photographs to her husband in the armed forces.  When she contacted a friend and told her how much she enjoyed the experience. Her friend contacted me and had some photographs taken as a present for her then to be husband as a wedding present.  

Every woman should feel special. Instead of looking back in years to come and thinking of the photograph album you could have had that always made you feel and experience the excitement of the woman you know you really are! Now is the time to release the real you?

To make you feel more comfortable the boudoir photo shoot can be done at your home, (or where you choose) where you can change the clothing as you like?

You decide on the clothing you wear and images taken.

Only you will see the photographs (and/or the person(s) you choose to see them) online in the client area of the website, by using the password only you will be given.

There are 3 packages available.


Two 10 x 8 prints + one 12 x 8 prints


As above + a D.V.D/USB flash drive with high resolution images of the photoshoot


This package combines the above two but also a boudoir album 10 pages containing the images you select.

 Use Contact page to request a price list.

The three packages above are simply examples of the different packages available. Please feel free to discuss any other requirements.


For ceremonies of all types. 

Budget weddings are available if you are on a tight budget. Contact us for a quote on your wedding.  

Your images will be uploaded to our website. You will be given a password for  your private viewing, or you can give the password to friends to view and/or buy. You can buy prints unframed or framed. Canvas mounted and a variety of other photoproducts are available. See price list for details. we also do Registry office weddings if you are on a tight budget, Example: Leeds Town Hall £200.   

All images © Alan Hood Photography