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I’ve Joined BANPAS!

As a newborn and baby photographer, I have to take the safety of my little clients very seriously.

It might surprise you to know that the newborn photography industry is completely unregulated. Photographers like me, who take safety seriously, have to take it upon ourselves to be trained and educated on how to ensure the beautiful images we create, are done safely.

 For example when you see a beautiful image like these below


Being a newborn and baby photographer requires a unique set of skills and there is a worldwide organisation that exists to support photographers like me, who want to have access to safety training and resources that we can use to provide clients like you with a better service.

I’m delighted to have joined BANPAS (Baby &Newborn Photography Association)

 and you will be able to find me on their directory of photographers here [Click here].

 They also have a fabulous facebook page for pregnant and new parents here


 I’d be delighted to chat to you about how I can create a beautiful gallery of images for your newborn and very happy to chat to you about how I do that safely. Please contact me for booking and availability information.


I have photographed many newborns. Then I was asked to photograph a pregnant bump as she was so proud of her bump and wanted to look back at one of the most special things you will ever experience As your bump grows, your body goes through some amazing changes. These are moments that you will always want to remember. We can work together to decide what sort of photographs you would like of your baby bump Making you feel as relaxed as possible.

 Following the arrival of your precious new bundle there will be so many changes in smiles and expressions.

 It can seem like only yesterday that your children said their first word, grazed their first knee or started school.  Before you know it they are all grown up and don’t seem to have much time for their ‘parents’ anymore.  Much of their childhood becomes a blur after a while – which is a real shame, but alas, is inevitable.

Let us capture some of those special moments for you. We can photograph your child every month, or two months as you choose when. This can be done for a special price as a sequence, instead of paying for each session separate.

A Bump, Baby & Toddler Photoshoot: 




All images © Alan Hood Photography